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Automated Christmas presents

By 9. Dezember 2019Dastani Consulting
Predictive Analytics im Weihnachtsgeschäft | Automatisierte Bescherung

Big data analysis instead of gut feeling in the Christmas business: With the use of artificial intelligence (AI), the long-awaited Christmas wishes can be identified and the customer experience can be improved.

According to good old tradition, countless wish lists are written every year during the pre-Christmas period. At this point, AI tries to avoid unpleasant gifts under the Christmas tree by formulating the wish list itself.

From Social Media Posting to personalized Newsletter
For example, a customer wants some headphones for Christmas. Although she has not yet put her wish in writing on her Christmas wish list, her preferred online retailer already knows, as the customer marked her sister on a social media posting a few hours ago. The online retailer uses this information by placing the headphones in a personalized Christmas newsletter via email to the customer.

Success for the online retailer
Just a few days later, the customer strikes and orders the headphones herself. She even packs a few more presents for her family and friends. By displaying further personalized product recommendations, this is possible without great effort – within a few minutes the customer’s shopping basket is packed with matching products.

Customer satisfaction thanks to AI
After placing an order, the customer can immediately delete several items from her shopping list and already knows before the gift is given that the gifts to her family will be well received.

By bringing together all of a customer’s publicly available information into one profile, the AI turns the entire shopping process into a thrilling experience of success for the consumer.

Analysis of preferences & needs
Using intelligent algorithms, the preferences and needs of consumers in social media networks, blogs, rating portals, etc. can be analyzed. Not only all findings from the Internet, but also the historical buying and search behaviour of customers serve as the basis for individualized product recommendations.
All information is then collected in a CRM system. This enables a 360-degree view of each individual customer.

Individual approach
The better a company knows its customers, the more targeted it can act. This is exactly what the example in the introduction illustrates.

By presenting suitable offers at the right time, the online retailer can score points, especially in the pre-Christmas business. Customers want to be thrilled along their customer journey: From the targeted address at the first contact to the delivery to the door. Particularly during the Christmas season, customers want their shopping to be smooth and easy.

Business development forecast
On the one hand, KI supports the online retailer with an individual approach: because only those who offer their customers products for which they really have an affinity can significantly increase their sales. On the other hand, the AI – in good time before the big Christmas season – also serves to forecast one’s own business development at the end of the year and to identify trends in order to expand the product range accordingly.

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