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Cost pressure from Corona: Deployment of sales resources

By 20. April 2021April 23rd, 2021Dastani Consulting
Kostendruck durch Corona

The spread of the coronavirus is hitting companies with varying degrees of severity. Many industries are experiencing major sales slumps, and more than a few companies fear for their future. To stabilize earnings and liquidity, it is essential to cut costs and deploy sales resources efficiently.

Cost pressure from Corona
Due to the ongoing Corona crisis, many companies are being forced to make savings. A great deal of attention is being paid to personnel and sales costs. But what can companies do now to save on personnel costs in sales and increase sales?

Forecasting the effect of sales activities
Dastani Consulting’s newly generated Visit Value Prediction remedies the situation and provides the answer. „Through Corona, we noticed that the sales figures were very good, even though the sales department could not work as in the past. In the wake of this, we developed our new product – Visit Value Prediction „, says Dr. Parsis Dastani (CEO – Dastani Consulting). Visit Value Prediction predicts whether a customer should be contacted, what impact can be expected in sales and what revenue can be realized with the customer. Dastani Consulting GmbH has already tested Visit Value Prediction on five client companies, client-specific and separately. In total, more than 6000 sales employees, about 3-4 million customer addresses and several billions of transactions were included in the methodology.

Astonishing results from our clients
The results obtained were indeed astonishing: although all five clients were from different industries, all results were comparable. It did not matter whether the respective sales organization employed 100 or 5000 sales representatives – they all recorded the same sales performance. Furthermore, the Visit Value Prediction results revealed that for all five of our clients, only 40% of sales performance was responsible for 95% of revenue.

As an example, if a company documents a return on sales of 8% and sales costs in the amount of 18%, its status quo – its current sales – can be realized with only 50% of sales resources using the methodology developed by Dastani Consulting. In other words, using 100% of sales resources can actually double the company’s profit.

„Half of the contact addresses are uneconomical“.
Dr. Parsis Dastani takes stock and looks ahead: „The contacts for which we made a positive forecast performed significantly better than the addresses we rated as poor. We classify about 50% of the contact addresses as non-profitable. The Visit Value Prediction we generate creates both freedom and more efficient use of sales resources for companies – which will be more important than ever, especially in the current period and even after the crisis, to combat high cost pressures and sales slumps.“

Our numerous case studies illustrate the success of these measures. If you have any further questions, please visit our social media channels (XingLinkedin, Instagram) call us at +49 (0)641 984 46 – 0.

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