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Digital Solutions: NBO with the AIMS-App

By 2. September 2019Dastani Consulting
Digital Solutions | Next Best Offer mit der AIMS-App

In our previous article you could read how you can use Next Best Offer to predict the likelihood of your potential customers buying additional products from the available range that your customers have a high affinity for. We at Dastani Consulting have developed a mobile app for the application that enables the use of predictive analytics for the field sales force.

Application of Next Best Offer
Our developed Location Based App gives you and your employees Next Best Offer recommendations for sales in order to take advantage of the local proximity to your customers. This makes it possible for every tour that your sales representative plans to take full advantage of the potential. Nothing is more annoying than frustration and a futile effort to return from a distant tour without any prospect of successful sales growth.

Effective sales support
The developed AIMS (Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and Sales)-App is based – as the abbreviation describes – on artificial intelligence to provide the customer with the right offer.

The possibility of tapping attractive up- and cross-selling potentials exists, as the sales employee is already aware in advance of which offers the respective customer has an affinity for. On the one hand, the probability of customers buying will increase and on the other hand, sales will be enriched with profitable sales increases.

Quality through synergy effects
In the next tour planning, you and your sales staff can benefit from our low-threshold offer and actively approach customers with Next Best Offer. No additional equipment is required, except the familiar smartphone. There, the salespeople always have access to the sales proposals in the immediate vicinity and can be directed there directly via the integrated navigation system.

In addition to our predictive analytics forecasts, the AIMS Mobile app represents an intelligent further development, as it enables revenue-increasing synergy effects.

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