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About the role of AI in a recession (part 2)

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In the first part of our article you could read to what extent AI methods – from a strategic point of view – can be helpful in a recessive phase in order to realize opportunities for market share gains. In the second part of this article, we will focus on the operational aspects of sales and marketing and conclude with a comprehensive conclusion.  Read More

Target Group Predict: Interactive Profiling

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If a product is new to the market or has only been sold a little in the past, it is often difficult to define a target group. The reason for this is that the number of cases on the market is missing, so that conventional analysis methods cannot be used. In order to solve this problem, Dastani Consulting has developed an AI-based system that searches the target groups interactively. Read More

How Artificial Intelligence can help the CEO find the right lever (part 1)

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All economic indicators point to an economic slowdown. This weakening is already clearly noticeable in some business segments. The negative news is increasing more and more. They are often used by sales to justify the lack of target achievement. But is the failure to achieve sales targets really due to the weakening economy or are the problems somewhere else? Read More

Reinforcement Learning: AI solutions respond to key decisions

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Behind AlphaZero’s well-known headlines about world-class performance in Go or Chess games is a special form of artificial intelligence: Reinforcement Learning. As with a game, there are also important decisions that follow one another when addressing customers. In connection with the reinforcement learning method, AI technology finds optimal contact strategies for each individual customer. Read More

Digital Solutions: NBO with the AIMS-App

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In our previous article you could read how you can use Next Best Offer to predict the likelihood of your potential customers buying additional products from the available range that your customers have a high affinity for. We at Dastani Consulting have developed a mobile app for the application that enables the use of predictive analytics for the field sales force. Read More

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