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Dastani Consulting has almost 20 years of experience in forecasting models for potential utilization, revenue and business planning, customer value prediction, sales optimization and scheduling. Numerous market-leading companies successfully use the forecast models to identify potentials, optimize business areas, improve the forecast and develop markets. They come from various industries such as automotive, banking, telecommunications, chemicals, IT and retail. BMW, Würth, Conrad Electronic, UNICEF, Still, Knauf Interfer, Triaz-Group and other well-known companies use the predictive analytics applications of Dastani Consulting intelligently.

Case studies

With the help of our predictive analytics software, our customers are able to re-evaluate customer values and thus increase turnover, efficiency in sales and new customer acquisition. Predictive analytics tools analyse customer profiles and past purchasing behaviour patterns on the basis of existing data volumes and derive insights into future behaviour. “Algorithmic marketing” is the magic word that makes companies a superstar in the retail sector.Statistical models show which customers will buy which product, which sales staff will not exploit their potential, which countries can still improve and, above all, which product and which customers can most sustainably increase company profits. Read our success stories and convince yourself of our services and achievements.

"We were able to drastically reduce the circulation of our catalogues from now on. The savings already after the first application fully compensated the costs of the project. Thanks to the forecasts of Dastani Consulting, I know that I am always investing in the right advertising media and in the really valuable customers."

Ernst SchützOwner of Triaz Group


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