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Reinforcement Learning | KI-Lösungen liefern Antworten auf wichtige Entscheidungen

Reinforcement Learning: AI solutions respond to key decisions

By Dastani Consulting

Behind AlphaZero’s well-known headlines about world-class performance in Go or Chess games is a special form of artificial intelligence: Reinforcement Learning. As with a game, there are also important decisions that follow one another when addressing customers. In connection with the reinforcement learning method, AI technology finds optimal contact strategies for each individual customer. Read More

Digital Solutions | Next Best Offer mit der AIMS-App

Digital Solutions: NBO with the AIMS-App

By Dastani Consulting

In our previous article you could read how you can use Next Best Offer to predict the likelihood of your potential customers buying additional products from the available range that your customers have a high affinity for. We at Dastani Consulting have developed a mobile app for the application that enables the use of predictive analytics for the field sales force. Read More

Share of Wallet | Mit Prognosen Geldbörsen öffnen

Share of Wallet: Open purses with forecasts

By Dastani Consulting

When it comes to increasing turnover with existing customers, the “Share of Wallet” is the obvious choice. This concept is about how much an individual customer wants to spend or can spend for a company in a certain product area. The decisive factor is therefore not the purchases made so far in the company itself, but rather the future potential. Read More

Target Group Predict | Produktbasierte Neukundenbestimmung

Product-based new customer identification in B2B: Target Group Prediction

By Dastani Consulting

The number of companies in the market is large – but only a few of them need the attention of your products. For which customers is which product relevant? Target Group Prediction uses a scoring model to calculate the probability of winning a particular company as a new customer. The software developed by Dastani Consulting is based on an algorithm that is designed for Big Data and analyzes the keywords on company websites. Read More

Dynamic Pricing | Mit Next Best Offer gegen die Preisschlacht

Next-best-offer against the price war

By Dastani Consulting

In the last part of our pricing series, you read about the added value that the use of Artificial Intelligence can deliver to merchants in the context of pricing. With the right application, online merchants can achieve significantly higher profits with minimal price increases. In the following article you will read how merchants can use Next-Best-Offer to learn about their customers’ spending habits and intensify customer loyalty over the long term in order to differentiate their market position from the competition. Read More

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