Visit Value Prediction: The use of AI in Sales

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In this video, our CEO, Dr. Parsis Dastani, talks about his new product: Visit Value Prediction. It predicts whether a sales contact is actually useful and what revenue it will generate.
Dr. Parsis Dastani reports an astonishing result: 40% of the sales activities realize 95% of the revenue – or, if 100% of the sales resource is used, the revenue can be almost doubled. Accordingly, the expensive resource “sales” is able to double its performance with the help of artificial intelligence, transaction data and suitable methodology. The freed-up sales resources can then be used for reactivation and acquisition. Read More

CVP and potential forecast

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The Corona crisis has made it clear that sales can function more effectively. Companies should rethink this opportunity and their traditional actions. Intelligent AI methods are able to forecast sales expectations on the one hand and sales potential on the other.  Using a matrix, our CEO (Dr. Parsis Dastani) explains how many resources sales currently deploys and how many it should deploy in the future. Read More

Experiences and consequences from the Corona crisis

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In the linked video interview, Prof. Dr. Sascha Alavi (Sales Management Department – Ruhr University in Bochum) and Prof. Dr. Christian Schmitz (Sales Management Department – Ruhr University in Bochum) address the following questions: What are the lessons learned from the Corona crisis? What are the consequences for the new normal? How has sales time changed overall? Read More

Artificial intelligence in lead management

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Many prospects, but no new customers – artificial intelligence (AI) helps to maximize the closing rate. In a practical case, we explain with our colleagues from Cloudbridge Consulting how we maximize the conversion rate of leads with the help of AI. Read More

About the role of AI in the midmarket

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In the following video interview, Dr. Parsis Dastani and Nicolas Wandschneider (Managing Director of Cloudbridge Consulting GmbH) discuss the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the midmarket. In addition, the results of the Cloudbridge expert survey ‘Marketing Automation Report 2020’ are announced.  Read More

About the Corona Revolution in Sales

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In the following video, our CEO Dr. Parsis Dastani talks about the ‘Corona Revolution in Sales’. Smart companies are using the Corona pandemic as an opportunity to restructure their sales organization. Conditional on the interaction of marketing and sales, a smarter way of selling results. Read More

The mega trend: Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a real hype topic. On this occasion, our CEO Dr. Parsis Dastani talks to expert Dr. Jörg Dubiel in the following video interview about the application areas of AI (in distance selling and e-commerce) – because the challenge is to implement the insights of AI on a large scale so that it is ultimately felt by the customer. Read More

Joint forces: PwC & Dastani Consulting

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In the attached video Dr. Parsis Dastani (CEO – Dastani Consulting “The Predictive Analytics Company”) talks with Roland Werner (Partner PwC – Head of Finance Innovation Lab) about the intensive excellent cooperation. The intention behind the cooperation – Joint forces PwC & Dastani Consulting – is not only to forecast how the business will develop in the future, but rather to determine crucial external drivers for revenue growth. Read More

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