Customer Value Prediction

Maximize your sales with valuable customers

Activate untapped sales potential in a targeted manner

The traditional customer evaluation, based on past sales, often does not correspond to the actual expected future sales of a customer. Our Customer Value Prediction tool, on the other hand, predicts the future turnover of each customer and thus enables you to manage your sales activities in a targeted manner.

Customer Value Prediction

With Customer Value Prediction, our powerful predictive analytics tool, AI algorithms are used for sales forecasting. The tool determines the turnover that each customer will generate over the next 3, 6 or 12 months and is therefore the key to effective sales management.

Unlock the full sales potential of your existing customers with Customer Value Prediction. Identify current and customer-specific shortfalls in sales, identify churners and open up new sales opportunities through targeted up- and cross-selling.

Increase in sales

Increase sales with your existing customers by uncovering current sales potential.

Strengthening customer relationships

Focus on developing valuable long-term business relationships and intensify your most important customer contacts.

Up- and cross-selling potential

Use detailed insights into sales potential by product area to identify additional sales opportunities.

Revolutionize sales with predictive insights

Our tool forecasts sales potential by product category and uncovers areas where customer potential may not yet be fully exploited. This allows you to focus your sales strategy on the most promising customers. In addition, our analysis provides a reliable sales forecast for the coming financial year, enabling you to significantly improve your financial planning.

We offer you clear insights into your customers’ sales expectations to enable you to make well-founded decisions and optimize your sales activities. The aim is to get the maximum return from your customer relationships. With Customer Value Prediction, you choose a highly efficient way to shape your sales in a future-oriented way.

"Customer value management and customer profiling pay off. The forecasts create certainty in marketing and sales. I am guided by reliable figures and can prove the success of marketing."

Matthias KlugHead of International Corporate Communications at STILL GmbH

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