Financial Forecasting

predict the future performance of a company

External and internal information

Financial Forecasting

The strategic objective of financial forecasting is to use data in such a way that all items of a company’s profit and loss statement are forecast. An essential factor in financial forecasting is the development of a company’s sales.

This sales forecast can be created in two ways: On the one hand, it can be based on external factors, that is, on which external circumstances a company’s sales depend, and on the other hand, it can be based on internal factors such as customer development.

In cooperation with PwC

The cooperation enables PwC and Dastani Consulting to implement a solution for joint clients that combines the strengths of both firms. In the course of the ‘finance of the future’ and digitalisation in the financial sector, there are numerous projects aimed at making planning processes more efficient and precise. PwC acts as the core contact for the finance department and is able to forecast company revenues using a wide range of external drivers (early warning indicators such as economic development or business environment). In contrast, Dastani Consulting’s core competency is to provide accurate sales and marketing revenue forecasts based on customer behavior (Customer Value Prediction). Subsequently, both insights can be combined and offered as a joint product.

  • Compare the statistical base forecast with the forecast of the company and segment-specific market development
  • Define measures to realize the full potential
  • Increase the accuracy of your forecasts by including external drivers
Sales Forecast vs. Actual

Integrated planning

The intention behind the collaboration is not just to make a forecast of how the business will develop and why. Rather, the identification of key drivers for stability and increased sales is crucial. The two companies work closely together and have already won several interesting projects through the joint cooperation. Our common intention is to view the finance, marketing and sales department as a whole and to enable integrated planning across different departments. Experience shows that customer development does not always reflect what the market actually reflects.

With Financial Forecasting

determine significant drivers for revenue growth