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Dastani Consulting is recognised as the pioneer of Predictive Analytics. For more than twenty years, our predictions have been making a significant contribution to the performance of market-leading companies.

The success story

Product recommendations

↑ turnover 70 %

New customer acquisitions

↓ acquisition costs -60%

Customer value analysis

↑ results 20%

Perform better with tomorrow’s ideas

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics refers to the forward-looking analysis of internal and external data. The advantages for companies are obvious: The use of predictive analytics enables well-founded and targeted decision-making in the relevant corporate issues. Big data analytics differs fundamentally from classic forecasts. While classic forecasting models based on statistical data update the present into the future to reflect trends in sales development, our models raise forecasts to a completely new level. Predictive analytics anticipates the entire behavior pattern of individual customers within a fixed time horizon and thus achieves a very high level of accuracy in forecasting. From this, optimal recommendations for action can be derived for sales at any time.

The term predictive analytics was unknown when we started using algorithms 20 years ago to look into the future. Ever since then, we have been able to inspire our customers.

Dr. Parsis DastaniCEO - Dastani Consulting

High forecast quality

Self-learning predictive analytics systems require a great deal of data to output individual predictions of preferences, purchase probabilities, etc. In the course of a continuous learning process (machine learning), they achieve better and better results because they are very likely to be accurate. The long-term use of forecasting software based on AI (artificial intelligence) increases the decision quality in the company permanently and sustainably, as incorrect forecasts are converted into knowledge for the next forecast level and thus included in the fine-tuning of future decisions.

AI beats human mind

AI-based predictive analytics applications are always geared to their respective task. Both their speed and their ability to deal with complexity are far superior to the human brain. They learn and forecast without human intervention and arrive at results that can at best be rationalized retrospectively with the human mind: They cannot be explained – and yet exceed every well-founded human assumption about the future.


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Turning Prediction Into Sales

predictive analytics

Customer Value Management and Customer Profiling pay off. The predictions make marketing and sales dependable. I work with reliable figures and can prove how successful marketing is.

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