Offer suitable products

Turnover growth

Increase your e-commerce turnover by making appropriate individual offers through your online shop in order to raise buying probability.

Conversion Rate

We can help you to effectively raise your conversion rate by optimising your mobile commerce product presentation. .

Customer satisfaction

Align your offer to your customers‘ requirements to boost customer satisfaction and profit from recommendations to other potential customers.

Next Best Offer

Even if you are selling more than ten thousand products through your online shop, Next Best Offer allocates the products according to each customer’s likelihood to buy.

Using this predictive analytics tool, customers are automatically displayed these products the next time they visit the online store. Tests have shown that such offers are bought significantly more often than randomly displayed offers from your product range. Thus, the broader your product range, the more you will profit from such big data analytics – because a broader range will make it less likely that a customer will find an appropriate offer among a random set of recommendations.

  • Identify customer requirements
  • Create individual offers
  • Raise customer satisfaction
  • Intensify customer loyalty
  • Strengthen market position
Next Best Offer | Predictive Analytics

Perfect product presentation

Next Best Offer has proved its worth in the area of mobile commerce, whereby displays of small mobile devices can be optimally used to awaken visitors’ interest in your product presentation.

Based on predictive analytics, Next Best Offer enables you to offer your online store customers the products they are most likely to buy. Even with limited project resources, our analyses are able to exploit individualized advertising. This in turn significantly increases the contribution margins of your marketing and sales activities.

Three years ago, no board member would have discussed the results of mathematical prediction models with me ... Today they are thrilled!

Dr. Parsis DastaniCEO - Dastani Consulting

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