PASS – Predictive Analytics Systems
in Sales

We are pleased to be carrying out a research project together with the Ruhr University Bochum. We will be heavily involved in the project as a development and implementation partner until 2024.

Initial situation

Predictive analytics systems based on artificial intelligence (AI) also have a wide range of potential applications in SMEs, e.g. in the automotive and commercial vehicle supply industry, drive technology and automation technology. For SME sales, for example, the potential lies in analyzing and forecasting the current and future sales potential of existing customers and identifying potential new customers. For example, the entrepreneurial risk can be better distributed across different customer groups and the resources in sales and production can be optimally utilized. However, while large companies set up cost-intensive data analytics departments, SMEs are often unable to exploit the benefits of predictive analytics in sales due to a limited IT budget.


The aim of the PASS project is to develop predictive analytics systems for sales in SMEs. This will enable them to use the potential of AI-based methods for systematic data collection, analysis and forecasting while complying with ethical, legal and social standards (Ethical, Legal and Social Implications, ELSI), to implement them economically and to integrate them into ongoing work processes. In addition, the effects on work motivation and satisfaction as well as on changes in the skills required of employees in sales are to be investigated.


To achieve these goals, an SME-compatible cloud solution with AI-based methods for predicting future customer behavior is being developed. The AI processes use ELSI-compliant customer information, for example, to forecast specific sales potential and expected sales with the help of self-learning algorithms. They are validated by application partners of different sizes from sometimes very different sectors. A multidimensional sales analytics maturity model specifically geared towards SMEs makes it possible to identify individual needs for action and development paths. To this end, measuring instruments for assessing the impact of predictive analytics systems are being developed and used at various stages of the project.


The project results enable SMEs to address their customers precisely in sales and remain competitive in dynamic markets with limited resources. With the help of the sales analytics maturity model, possible development paths are identified and SMEs are guided along the way. The prototype predictive analytics systems are used to implement corresponding development measures at the application partners. By considering the effects on employees in sales, a better understanding of the interaction between people, technology and organization is created and skills development in the work process is promoted.

Our role

Dastani Consulting GmbH contributes the expertise required to develop and implement predictive analytics systems. Our many years of experience enable the project to develop and implement customized predictive analytics solutions.

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  • 07/2021 – 06/2024