Potential Forecast

Doubling of sales in own portfolio through sales allocation

Potential-oriented segmentation – optimized sales allocation

Many sales employees make the same mistake again and again in their customer contact: Since the potential is often unknown, they evaluate their existing customers according to existing sales. This is problematic because potential sales opportunities do not necessarily correspond to actual sales. At this point, grouping customers into A, B and C customers can be helpful to identify customers in the C segment according to their sales potential, which have the potential to become A or B customers. Accordingly, sales resources can be allocated and distributed according to their best opportunities.

  • Consider the potential of your customers using our AI-based segmentation
  • Master the exploitation of your cross-selling potentials
  • Raise your growth potential to over 100%
Potential Forecast

Potential Forecast

With the Potential Forecast, we at Dastani Consulting have developed a method that develops a functional relationship between external data (number of employees, external sales, industry, trade show catalogs or data from customer websites) and the sales of a customer. Using this AI-based methodology, it is possible to estimate the objective revenue potential of customers.

This system marks companies that are actually classified in the C-customer segment and do not receive any sales attention. By using this intelligent methodology, the sales department will find those customers that have a high probability of contributing to the company’s revenue growth.

It is not uncommon to find relevant growth potential within the customer base or the company’s own address book of over 100%, which is distributed among only 3-4% of inactive customer addresses. After the analysis, these addresses are increasingly targeted by the sales department with special measures. Corresponding campaigns can be carried out in order to successively conquer the existing potential.

The approach outlined here is not only based on total sales, but can also be carried out for different product groups. For this reason, the system is able to uncover important cross-selling potential within the inventory. Our numerous case studies illustrate the effectiveness of these measures.

Potential Prediction

We identify

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