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Visit Value Prediction: The use of AI in Sales

By Videos-EN

In this video, our CEO, Dr. Parsis Dastani, talks about his new product: Visit Value Prediction. It predicts whether a sales contact is actually useful and what revenue it will generate.
Dr. Parsis Dastani reports an astonishing result: 40% of the sales activities realize 95% of the revenue – or, if 100% of the sales resource is used, the revenue can be almost doubled. Accordingly, the expensive resource “sales” is able to double its performance with the help of artificial intelligence, transaction data and suitable methodology. The freed-up sales resources can then be used for reactivation and acquisition. Read More

Vertriebsoptimierung im B2B

Sales optimization in B2B

By Dastani Consulting

Do you know if your sales team is taking care of the right customers at the right time? Efficient management of the deployment of sales resources requires transparency in terms of the customer universe and the overall market. It’s incredible the opportunities for sales optimization when potential data is available. Read More

Potential-oriented segmentation

Potential-oriented segmentation

By Dastani Consulting

Many sales people often make the same mistake when dealing with their customer base: they evaluate their existing customers according to existing sales, but not according to their potential. However, it is important to also take a look at the customers’ potential, because potential sales opportunities with a customer naturally do not correspond to their actual sales. Read More

Sales is the key

Sales optimization with the help of AI

By Dastani Consulting

The ongoing Corona crisis will force a number of companies to restructure in marketing and sales as well. In this area in particular, optimizing the allocation of sales resources offers enormous potential for growth and efficiency. Sales optimization with the help of AI can help double the return on sales. Read More

B2B-Trends für 2021

B2B-Sales: Trends for the use of AI

By Dastani Consulting

2020 was unpredictable – but what does that in turn mean for 2021? Digital B2B-sales relies much more on AI-based solutions to derive targeted predictions for the future from collected data. In 2021, key trends for the use of AI in B2B-sales are therefore expected. Read More

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