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Ohne Predictive Analytics drohen Marktnachteile

Predictive Analytics: Digital B2B-Sales

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In sales, there are several use cases for predictive analytics: price optimization, customer churn prevention, lead scoring, etc. For many companies, these applications have become an indispensable component because they have a strong impact on business results. Time and again, products are sold unprofitable in B2B sales. But many sales managers discover very low prices only when margins are already negative. Companies that fail to implement predictive analytics risk losing market share, customer satisfaction, and most importantly, sales productivity. Read More

Zielgerichtete Markteroberung im B2B | Scoring Modelle

Targeted market conquest

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Scoring models are used to create a relevant basis for decision-making, especially in the B2B market. The goal of such models is to evaluate data sets using various criteria in order to use them specifically for new customer acquisition. Read More

Artificial Intelligence | Erfolg im Vertrieb

Artificial intelligence: Sales success is plannable

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Artificial intelligence: Sales success is plannable

Sales functions and field sales forces constitute the most valuable personnel resources in a company. Artificial Intelligence (AI) broadens the knowledge base relating to existing and potential new customers and helps boost sales performance. Consequently, this pays off for the sales function while at the same time raising the motivation of the employees. Read More

KI Vertrieb | Automobilindustrie

Predictive Sales: AI-controlled sales in the automotive industry

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AI-controlled sales in the automotive industry

Great campaigns, masterfully deployed across all channels: Car manufacturers are unbeatable in the field of marketing. However, it is a stony path from gaining a prospective customer’s attention to actually making a sale. Artificial Intelligence (AI) deepens the customer knowledge available to sales functions and increases the probability of order completion, as it focuses on promising prospects and addresses them individually. Read More

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