Attract the best new customers with Target Group Prediction

New Customer Scoring

Manage your sales team
with New Customer Scoring and address only those customers that show a high probability of buying your products.

Sales potential

Address your customers with those products that show the highest buying probability. Support your sales team by making optimum use of these sales potentials.

Turnover growth

Target your marketing budget to increase your sales turnover and to optimise your use of resources.

Target Group Prediction

Our Target Group Predict offers you a highly effective predictive analytics tool. The software is based on a proven algorithm aligned to the analysis of big data.

Our tool analyzes the data of your existing customers on the web and tracks down patterns and correlations. Several million data records from credit agencies as well as one billion buzzwords from over 20 million websites, 3 million industry entries and 2 million addresses are included in the predictive analytics modeling.

  • Profit from continuous new customer acquisition
  • Diversify risk
  • Optimise capacity usage
  • Generate an objective view of your market
  • Boost your sales success rate
Target Group Predict | Neukundengewinnung

Innovative new customer acquisition

Target Group Predict then searches all corporate websites in the respective country based on the patterns detected. The software uses a scoring model to assess the degree to which a website matches the model searched for. The software evaluates each of your products individually to determine which relationships indicate a high buying affinity.

For your company, this means that the predictive analytics software searches the web for exactly the new customers that match your company. This allows you to make optimal use of your capacities. You only target those potential customers that you can actually win. In this way, you increase your response rate without increasing your marketing budget. Target Group Predict therefore enables you to make efficient acquisitions in the B2B market.

Dastani Consulting’s predictions show a success rate of 85 to 90 percent – a top rate. The data scientists understand our business and deliver great results.

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