Visit Value Prediction

forecasts the expected sales of a visit per customer

Sales Prediction

In the classic sales structure, many sales employees focus on the active and good customer. However, caution is required at this point: Some customers are visited far too often, while others do not fully exploit their potential. Therefore, sales resources often have to be re-optimized to focus expensive visits on customers with high sales expectations.

Our Customer Value Prediction is capable of forecasting the expected revenue per customer and product group in a given period. The model derives the value of a customer from past transactions. The Customer Value Prediction is used to evaluate the customer potential for the next period or the total sales expectation.

  • Learn about the possibilities of your sales department
  • Use your resources in a more potential-oriented way
  • Focus on non-exhausted potentials
  • Optimize your route planning
  • Use non-economic visits differently
Visit Value Prediction

Visit Value Prediction

After determining the general Customer Value (sales expectation) for each customer, this can then be linked to the Visit Value (sales expectation per visit). The Visit Value Prediction predicts the expected revenue for the next visit per customer, e.g. in the next week. Thus, it can be assessed whether a visit is worthwhile at all. Sales and visits from the past serve as input for the model.

Visit Value Prediction often shows that too many sales resources are invested in customers with low sales expectations. At this point, sales can counteract by reducing non-economic visits and substituting them in telesales. Freed-up sales resources that are not profitable according to the Visit Value and Customer Value Prediction can be used differently.

The customer-specific forecast values can also be aggregated up to the sales representative level. This allows the performance of all sales visits to be objectively estimated. Using a top-down list, sales staff can see which individual customer should be visited. High-potential inactive customers as well as new customers can be added in order to specifically optimize tour planning.

Visit Value + Customer Value Prediction

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