Visit Value Prediction

Optimized visit planning through sales-based contact forecasts

Challenges in the traditional sales force

In the traditional sales model, sales representatives focus primarily on active customers with the highest turnover. This approach can lead to customer potential not being seen adequately due to a lack of objective criteria for visit planning. Particularly in view of the high costs of field service visits, optimized resource allocation is of crucial importance.

Profit-increasing sales management through precise sales forecasts

Our approach combines customer value prediction with a detailed analysis of sales visits and contacts to enable an objective assessment of the value of visits.

This is achieved by forecasting the expected sales per customer for a specific period, which enables an optimized visit frequency and the effective development of previously underestimated customer potential.

By linking the general customer value with the visit value, which predicts the expected turnover per visit or contact, the profitability of each customer contact can be precisely assessed.

Optimized resource allocation

By reducing the number of unnecessary visits to individual customers, resources can be allocated more efficiently to acquiring new customers and developing undervalued customer relationships.

Cost efficiency

Targeted management of sales activities leads to a reduction in overall costs for field service visits.

Increase in sales

More effective sales generation is achieved through a focused approach based on the forecast sales potential.

Revolutionize your sales force with Visit Value Prediction

With Visit Value Prediction, you can strategically realign your sales force by planning sales visits with our forecasts. Vistit Value Prediction makes it possible to reduce costs, maximize the sales potential of your customer contacts and make customer contacts more effective. The sales force is thus being transformed from a costly compulsory program into a targeted, value-generating instrument. Customer-specific forecast values support the sales-oriented optimization of route planning, enable the integration of high-potential new addresses and provide a clear guideline for every sales employee with regard to the customers to be visited.

Our approaches create the basis

for a sales allocation