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Potential-oriented segmentation

By 26. Februar 2021Dastani Consulting
Potential-oriented segmentation

Many sales people often make the same mistake when dealing with their customer base: they evaluate their existing customers according to existing sales, but not according to their potential. However, it is important to also take a look at the customers‘ potential, because potential sales opportunities with a customer naturally do not correspond to their actual sales.

Optimizing sales allocation
AI-based segmentation is able to take into account the potential of customers. To do this, the entire customer base is clustered into A, B, and C customers. Then, the customers from the C segment that have the potential to become an A or B customer can be identified. According to this segmentation, these customers are suggested to the sales team for intensified processing. Conversely, the sales team also comes to the conclusion of which customers should no longer be closely managed. Using this AI-based methodology, sales resources can be optimally allocated and distributed according to their best opportunities.

Estimation of objective sales potential
Dastani Consulting’s intelligent potential forecasting develops a functional relationship between external data – such as number of employees, external sales, industry, trade show catalogs or customer website data – and a customer’s revenue. As a result, this AI-based methodology is able to estimate the objective revenue potential of each customer.

Growth of more than 100%
As a consequence, the sales department is pushed to those customer companies that are highly important for the company’s revenue growth. Often we at Dastani Consulting find relevant growth potentials within the customer base amounting to more than 100%, which is distributed over only three to four percent of the address base. Exactly these addresses can then be specifically addressed by the sales department in order to successively conquer the existing potential. Appropriate campaigns can also be planned and implemented accordingly.

The approach outlined here can also be carried out for individual product groups, as it is not only based on total sales. In this way, the system can also continue to identify important cross-selling potential within the existing customer base, which in turn can be exploited.

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