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Product-based new customer identification in B2B: Target Group Prediction

By 17. Juli 2019Dastani Consulting
Target Group Predict | Produktbasierte Neukundenbestimmung

The number of companies in the market is large – but only a few of them need the attention of your products. For which customers is which product relevant? Target Group Prediction uses a scoring model to calculate the probability of winning a particular company as a new customer. The software developed by Dastani Consulting is based on an algorithm that is designed for Big Data and analyzes the keywords on company websites.

For example, turnover or number of employees are relevant characteristics of a company, but they give only limited information about the probability that the company will become a new customer. Previously, only industry and employee information from Bedirect and Creditreform address data was used.

Product-based acquisition of new customers is crucial
In addition, the predictive analytics software makes it possible to evaluate the flood of information on countless company websites. In terms of affinity to the company, sales potential and suitability for specific product groups, the evaluation is carried out using a scoring model. The software decides for each individual product which relationships and patterns result for a high purchasing affinity. The precise application of AI thus allows even more address potential to be gained.

Predictive analytics modelling involves a total of approx. 1 billion buzzwords, 3 million industry entries and 2 million addresses from over 20 million websites. A neural network evaluates the relevant industry-typical words that best identify the target product.

Powerful to success
The AI applications of Dastani-Consulting can objectively and precisely show the potentials of companies in international markets. Target Group Predict already uses the marketing and sales activities of many industries for the continuous acquisition of new customers. The goal is to increase the success rate in the long run. By evaluating countless websites, you can concentrate on your potential customers from the pool of the „big mass“ and make the best possible use of your capacities. Your marketing expenses remain the same with successfully increasing response rates.

You too can successfully profit from our predictive analytics models in B2B (as well as in B2C) and address your new customers with a high product affinity.

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