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Dynamic Pricing

KI im B2B - Geschäft | Von der Vorhersage bis zur Empfehlung

B2B Application Areas for Artificial Intelligence

By Dastani Consulting

The B2B business, with a focus on online commerce, is slowly discovering artificial intelligence for itself. Those who adapt their approach and track down exciting approaches will be able to offer their customers a great deal in the future and experience a significant upswing in business. Read the first part of the article to find out what additional contributions AI can make to B2B. Read More

Big Data statt Bauchgefühl | Wie Online-Händler davon profitieren

Big data instead of gut feeling

By Dastani Consulting

Everybody knows it: If you want to buy a certain product online and compare the price over several days, yesterday’s price is no longer the same. This dynamic pricing technology is increasingly being used by e-commerce providers because it can significantly improve a retailer’s business. Read More

Rezessionen sicher überwinden | Über die herausragende Rolle von KI

About the role of AI in a recession (part 2)

By Dastani Consulting

In the first part of our article you could read to what extent AI methods – from a strategic point of view – can be helpful in a recessive phase in order to realize opportunities for market share gains. In the second part of this article, we will focus on the operational aspects of sales and marketing and conclude with a comprehensive conclusion.  Read More

Dynamic Pricing | Künstliche Intelligenz in der Preisgestaltung

The Added Value of Artificial Intelligence in Pricing

By Dastani Consulting

In the first part of the series „Dynamic Pricing“ you read that dynamic pricing describes the application of statistical learning to price optimization. A trader’s goal is to maximize performance with minimal price increases at constant costs. This is exactly where the Predictive Analytics software attacks, which can do much more than just observe the competition. Read More

Dynamic Pricing | Dank Big Data zu besserer Performance

Big Data based Dynamic Pricing

By Dastani Consulting

Dank Big Data zu besserer Performance

„Dynamic pricing“ is not a foreign word in retail, even if it does not always catch the eye of most consumers. Used intelligently, Dynamic Pricing can use Big Data to improve a retailer’s business: profit and revenue are expected to grow. Read More

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