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Predictive Sales

Deploying freed-up resources in sales

By Videos-EN

In this video, you will learn more about how to deal with freed-up sales resources after using our developed Visit Value Prediction. According to our CEO, Dr. Parsis Dastani, acquisition is considered the supreme discipline and serves as the biggest lever to generate growth in the company. Read More

Potential-oriented segmentation

Potential-oriented segmentation

By Dastani Consulting

Many sales people often make the same mistake when dealing with their customer base: they evaluate their existing customers according to existing sales, but not according to their potential. However, it is important to also take a look at the customers‘ potential, because potential sales opportunities with a customer naturally do not correspond to their actual sales. Read More

Der Vertrieb der Zukunft

Corona pandemic: The future of sales

By Dastani Consulting

In the wake of the Corona pandemic, home offices have become part of the everyday life of many companies. The crisis has triggered a transformation in the way companies approach their customers, challenging existing B2B processes. Appropriate sales strategies are needed to ensure that sales remain efficient in the future. Read More

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