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Predictive Sales

Dynamic Pricing | Künstliche Intelligenz in der Preisgestaltung

The Added Value of Artificial Intelligence in Pricing

By Dastani Consulting

In the first part of the series „Dynamic Pricing“ you read that dynamic pricing describes the application of statistical learning to price optimization. A trader’s goal is to maximize performance with minimal price increases at constant costs. This is exactly where the Predictive Analytics software attacks, which can do much more than just observe the competition. Read More

Artificial Intelligence | Erfolg im Vertrieb

Artificial intelligence: Sales success is plannable

By Dastani Consulting

Artificial intelligence: Sales success is plannable

Sales functions and field sales forces constitute the most valuable personnel resources in a company. Artificial Intelligence (AI) broadens the knowledge base relating to existing and potential new customers and helps boost sales performance. Consequently, this pays off for the sales function while at the same time raising the motivation of the employees. Read More

KI Vertrieb | Automobilindustrie

Predictive Sales: AI-controlled sales in the automotive industry

By Dastani Consulting

AI-controlled sales in the automotive industry

Great campaigns, masterfully deployed across all channels: Car manufacturers are unbeatable in the field of marketing. However, it is a stony path from gaining a prospective customer’s attention to actually making a sale. Artificial Intelligence (AI) deepens the customer knowledge available to sales functions and increases the probability of order completion, as it focuses on promising prospects and addresses them individually. Read More

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