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Artificial intelligence and postal mailings: a successful combination?

By 10. Juli 2019Dastani Consulting
KI und postalische Mailings

Postcards & Co. have been part of the marketing mix for a long time. Nowadays, AI technologies are used much more frequently because they enable more targeted marketing and interact directly with the customer through personalized addressing. So why not a combination of classic postal dispatch and future-oriented artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence technologies are completely rethinking pricing. Away from countless discount campaigns such as „We give you 20% for Easter“ and towards individualised incentive levels based on individual customer profiles and predicted behavioural expectations. KI ensures that the right content appears on the right channel at the right time on a personalized level.

Why postal mailings?
Many campaigns enable new applications such as letters or postcards and thus supplement individual postal contact points of the customer journey. So when it comes to attracting attention in a large digital advertising environment, a classic letter delivered by a postman is an effective marketing tool.

The right time
Artificial intelligence determines purchase probabilities and identifies the purchase potential for shopping basket dropouts. If the customer is inactive, AI can determine his churn probability. The chance to win back the customer with the right address can also be calculated.

The key to success here is the so-called „send time optimization“. This means that it is necessary to find out when the optimal time for addressing the customer is. A question that can be answered with the help of artificial intelligence.

The Dastani Consulting models determine product-specific purchase probabilities for individual customers. With their help, the tightrope act succeeds in determining the optimal trigger frequency. The customer is not annoyed by hundreds of advertising mails, but only addressed when his need for a special article is at its highest.

Our experience shows that maximum performance is only achieved when the right time is chosen for an e-mail or postcard mailing. In addition, our Customer Value Prediction helps the marketing department to choose the right address. For high-value customers, it pays to invest in an elaborately designed postal advertising medium. In this case, the customer will see the mailing at least once. Exactly this is your chance to score with a suitable product presentation. The selection of the suitable products on the front side decides in case of doubt within seconds whether the customer visits the shop or not. The investment in an expensive postal mailing can be worthwhile here.

Other customers whose forecasted turnover is below a critical value or who tend to regularly abandon their shopping baskets should be approached at short notice with cheaper e-mails.

 Individuality decides
Away from one-size uniformity to 1:1 personalization. Meanwhile, it is possible to individualize every single detail during printing. There is also no lack of speed because the process is automated.

Cross- and upselling are well-known examples for the application. Further product recommendations are not only reserved in e-mails. Thanks to modern AI technologies, software programs can also print the individualized contents on postal mailings. A detailed analysis of the customer databases by our algorithms provides the prerequisite for this.

In addition to product presentation, the personalised approach is also important. A postcard with „Hello Mr. or Mrs. Mustermann“ ends up in the trash in the quickest way from our own experience. Also not each customer needs an incentive by lump sum discounts. If you give your customers discounts on the complete assortment regularly, then you reduce your margin partially unnecessarily. Many customers would consider buying without incentives. The basis is the individual behaviour of the customer, in order never to offer too little and never too much.

If postal mailings are used in a future-oriented way, then potentials arise through the combination of the advantages of the channel with the opportunities of AI. Postal mailings should not be ignored as a profitable point of contact with the customer. E-commerce companies such as Zalando or Amazon have already recognized that sending individualized postcards in combination with suitable product recommendations is advantageous for maximum performance.

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