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Corona crisis: Sales from the home office

By 23. April 2020Mai 4th, 2022Dastani Consulting
Erfolgreicher Vertrieb aus dem Homeoffice

In the current Corona crisis, sales employees are not able to enter into personal contact with customers. But there are alternatives to continue to strengthen customer relationships in the home office.

Due to the corona crisis, many branches and offices are currently closed – office floors are completely orphaned. How long the pandemic will paralyze the world is still open. But how can sales staff get in touch with their valuable B2B customers in this situation? How can the sales force build trust with customers without an on-site presence? A lack of customer relationships would put sales revenues at risk and it is best that you could try here to find the office spaces of cheaper rent and make the most important to work from office to maintain the balance between sales and customers. But end customers are also plagued by all kinds of worries and existential fears – many fear that they will no longer be able to meet their bills, rent payments or loan instalments.

Challenge and opportunity at the same time
The compulsion to have a home office and lack of personal contact presents many sales employees with the great challenge of taking away the fear of their customers and at the same time maintaining customer relations and selling new offers that optimally fit the customer’s needs. This, in turn, is also seen as an opportunity for sales, as new digital sales solutions bring about different levels of communication and innovative approaches to customer retention and penetration.

Maintaining contact even in the crisis
Things that have worked successfully in sales in the past should also be used in digital sales solutions in the future. At the moment, personality can only be communicated via microphone and camera, but the person opposite still wants to feel understood. At the same time, a look into the private sphere cannot be avoided: The living environment reveals a great deal about the partner – but at the same time serves to allow for much more human closeness right from the start. But why do we accept this? We are all in the same boat and notice that the current situation lifts us up to a new level of trust and communication.

Building trust despite distance
In this unpredictable situation, where the economic consequences will be felt for a long time to come, it is more important than ever to create trust with a high degree of empathy and to approach customers proactively. The communication of suitable offers and solutions can make it clear to customers that the company is behind them even in difficult times, which in turn will have a long-term positive effect on customer relations.

Predictive Analytics: Efficient control of sales
The massive restrictions on sales during the Corona crisis make it clear that in future sales will have to be made with the help of technical solutions. The developed analyses of Dastani Consulting can show you in the current situation for example, which B2B customers have a high or even increased buying potential and how their sales (depending on the duration of the crisis) will develop in the future. It is a fact that – compared to the past months – in the future it will not depend on quantity but rather on efficient and qualitative sales. This process will be supported by intelligent predictive analytics applications, which in turn will have a significant effect on sales.

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