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Corona pandemic: The future of sales

By 26. August 2020August 27th, 2020Dastani Consulting
Der Vertrieb der Zukunft

In the wake of the Corona pandemic, home offices have become part of the everyday life of many companies. The crisis has triggered a transformation in the way companies approach their customers, challenging existing B2B processes. Appropriate sales strategies are needed to ensure that sales remain efficient in the future.

Despite the massive corona-induced contact restrictions, in which established sales activities have come to a virtual standstill, sales organizations must not miss the post-corona upswing. Companies must therefore prepare themselves optimally by systematically planning their sales activities and play the digital card even more than before.

Digitally organized Customer Journey
At the latest now, after the hard time of the crisis, customers are on a digital customer journey. Customers are making their purchase decisions without ever having communicated with sales. The first point of contact is usually a provider’s website: every click leaves data traces that companies and sales can view and analyze. These Big Data analyses improve customer access. Companies are able to create detailed customer segments and tailor their products more precisely to customer needs. The customer approach can thus be made more targeted.

The sales force of the future
The sales department of the future will pick up customers where they want to be picked up. Product-centered thinking, which focuses solely on the deal, would be too short-sighted, which would not help in the future. The sales force of the future will think more strategically and across departments, no longer just in terms of turnover and deals. They try to make the added value of their company and products visible to potential and existing customers – through knowledge, advice and concrete solutions.

Outlook: Sales Intelligence
According to Corona, it will become apparent how quickly companies and their sales organizations can cope with the drastically changed purchasing behavior of their customers. The longer the crisis lasts, the more likely a complete realignment of sales will take place in some industries. This will be supported by technology-based sales intelligence with close cooperation of the marketing department.

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