An unbeatable duo:

Your sales team and our artificial intelligence

100% more successful with predictive sales

A sales force is expensive, but valuable. With our AI-supported predictive sales solutions, we enable the targeted exploitation of the sales potential of active and inactive customers.

The dynamic world of btb distribution

In the dynamic world of b2bB sales, companies face the challenge of getting the most out of their sales activities. Traditional ways of customer care and acquisition often reach their limits as they rely on past results and intuition without recognizing the full potential of the existing customer base and market. Such an inefficient sales force leads to high costs and missed sales opportunities.

Predictive Sales

Dastani Consulting’s predictive sales systems are revolutionizing B2B sales through the use of AI-supported solutions. They enable precise prediction of customer behavior to identify both the highest-potential active and inactive customers as well as untapped market potential. Our technology helps companies optimize their sales by reducing inefficient sales force visits and significantly lowering sales costs while increasing revenue.

Increase in sales by up to 100

You can significantly increase your sales in B2B business by optimizing your sales efforts and targeting your customers.

95 % accuracy for forecasts

Our AI-based predictive models offer outstanding accuracy to help you align your sales strategy based on data.

50 % fewer inefficient field service visits

Through more efficient planning and targeted customer selection, you can halve the number of field service visits without risking a loss of sales.

New customer acquisition and customer reactivation

Use freed-up resources to acquire new customers and win back former customers by activating unused potential.

Revolutionize your sales with Predictive Sales from Dastani

Our approach makes your sales team and our artificial intelligence an unbeatable duo. This partnership enables you to get 100% out of your sales. Transform your sales department from a costly item to a valuable and efficient engine of your company’s success.


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