Financial Forecasting with PwC

We identify the relevant drivers of sales

Mapping complexity – a key challenge for forecasting

The challenge in financial forecasting lies in creating a precise forecast of a company’s sales development that takes both external and internal factors into account. An effective sales forecast must integrate complex variables such as economic developments, market conditions and customer behavior in order to provide companies with a solid basis for strategic decisions.

About our Financial Forecasting

In cooperation with PwC, Dastani Consulting has developed an innovative approach that combines the strengths of both companies to significantly improve the accuracy and relevance of sales forecasts. This approach uses extensive data analyses to take into account both external influences and internal factors such as customer development. PwC contributes its expertise in the field of external market analysis, while Dastani Consulting specializes in predicting sales trends based on customer behaviour. The combination of these two perspectives creates a comprehensive view of sales development.

Precise sales forecasts

By integrating external and internal data sources, companies can make much more accurate predictions.

Integrated planning

The collaboration with PwC promotes a holistic view of the finance, marketing and sales departments, which leads to a coherent corporate strategy.

Identification of sales drivers

The analyses and forecasts help to identify the key drivers of sales in order to introduce targeted measures to increase stability or promote growth.

Revolutionize your sales forecast

The partnership between PwC and Dastani Consulting will enable companies to take their sales forecasts to the next level. The ‘Finance of the Future’ requires a fusion of finance, marketing and sales in order to be successful in a constantly changing business environment. Our integrated planning solution offers you the opportunity to make strategic decisions based on sound data analyses and thus strengthen your market position in the long term. Discover the potential that lies in the precise forecasting and analysis of your sales development, and use the findings in a targeted manner for your company’s success.

We determine

Significant drivers for increasing sales