New Customer Prediction

To optimize the acquisition of new customers

Avoid wastage – targeted and structured acquisition

Acquiring new customers in the B2B market often presents companies with major challenges. Traditional methods of customer acquisition are often inefficient because they are not targeted enough, resulting in high sales costs and low success rates.

Optimization of sales resources

By focusing your budgets and sales capacities on relevant new customers, you can increase the efficiency of your resources and reduce costs at the same time.

Increase in sales and profits

By advertising the products with the highest purchase probability, you can effectively support your sales team.

Market overview

Get an objective picture of your market and ensure planning security for your company through continuous new customer acquisition.

About New Customer Prediction

With New Customer Prediction from Dastani Consulting, we rely on an innovative method for optimizing your new customer acquisition. Our tool combines existing customer data with extensive market information, including data from credit agencies, buzzwords from over 20 million websites, industry listings and address databases. This information enables us to develop detailed profiles for potential customers with a high affinity for your products or services. By comparing these customer profiles with all companies in the market, we identify new, promising companies that match your customer profile. Our approach ensures that you not only gain insights into already known target groups, but also discover previously untapped market potential.

Revolutionize your customer acquisition

New Customer Prediction enables your company to make optimum use of its capacities and only address potential customers who are really relevant. This leads to a significant increase in your response rate with the same marketing and sales budget. Our predictive analytics tool not only opens up efficient ways of acquiring new customers, but also provides you with a precise picture of your target market and the potential it contains.

With Dastani Consulting at your side, you can rely on a future-oriented, data-supported strategy that will sustainably transform your new customer acquisition and secure you a competitive advantage.

Dastani Consulting's forecasts have a hit rate of
85 to 90 percent - a top value. The data scientists understand our
business model and deliver great results.

Jens NeumannHead of Sales Management at Würth

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