Potential forecast

Potential-oriented evaluation of companies

Sales potential is often not recognized

Many companies face the challenge of not knowing the true sales potential of their existing customers. Traditionally, companies are guided by their customers’ previous sales, which leads to a distorted perception of the actual growth potential. The focus of sales is often on known, good customers; customers who are currently generating low sales and are therefore classified in lower segments are then not looked after, even though they have a significantly higher unrecognized potential.

Potential forecast

With the development of the potential forecast, Dastani Consulting offers an innovative solution. The method links historical sales information with external data such as industry, company size, external sales and web content. An AI approach is used to determine the objective sales potential of customers. Segmentation according to this potential allows targeted allocation of sales resources to the customers with the greatest untapped sales potential.

Efficient use of resources

Focus your sales resources on the customers with the greatest growth opportunities based on a data-driven assessment of potential.

Cross-selling opportunities

Use the identified potential for cross-selling by offering products and services that were previously not fully exploited.

Above-average growth

Identify customers with high growth potential that may have been previously overlooked. In some cases, the potential can exceed 100%.

Revolutionize your sales with potential-oriented customer segmentation

By using our AI-based potential forecast, you can lead your company to above-average growth. By recognizing the objective potential of your customers and exploiting it in a targeted manner, you transform your sales approach from a reactive to a proactive model. This leads to a significant competitive advantage and represents a major transformation of your sales organization.

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