LEGADA – LEad Generation by ADvanced

We look forward to carrying out another research project together with the Technical University of Central Hesse in 2022. We will be able to contribute our expertise in this area again for two years.

Sales and customer management are a strategic and critical success factor in most companies. LEGADA replaces the labor-intensive sifting, follow-up research and evaluation of contact data from many heterogeneous, sometimes unstructured sources. LEGADA’s disruptive approach is the development of an AI engine for data-driven lead generation that provides sales with automated, self-learning and interactive high-quality and evaluated contacts with broad market coverage. The user uploads customer inventories and/or product/technology descriptions to the AI platform, which starts its calculations on this basis and generates accurately evaluated addresses and contact details of potential customers. The self-learning AI engine working in the background is interactively controlled by the user, who can iteratively influence and improve the search results by evaluating the hits found.
SMEs, start-ups, research institutions and technology transfer service providers in particular do not have large sales budgets, but rely almost exclusively on buying addresses, informal contacts, their own research with relevant providers (industry directories, trade fair catalogs, credit agencies) and/or Internet search engines. The research results have to be painstakingly compiled and evaluated. LEGADA is aimed at companies in the B2B sector on the one hand, and universities, research institutions and their technology transfer service providers on the other. The benefits for the platform’s customers are immediate:

  • Automated and structured generation of promising contacts in sales
  • Automated and complete scanning of the market through comprehensive coverage of all (German) business websites
  • Focus on high-potential companies through automated evaluation and iterative quality improvement of the contacts found
  • Affordable access to big data and AI technologies in sales

The project will run for two years. It is funded by the Ministry for Digital Strategy and Development as part of the “Distr@l” funding program funding line 2A with 386,330 euros.

Partner: Dastani Consulting GmbH, Wettenberg
THM KITE (Competence Center for Information Technology)
Sponsor: State of Hesse: Distr@l” funding program funding line 2A
Running time: 01.07.2022 – 30.06.2024
Project manager: Prof. Dr. Christian Schulze