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Forecasting | Vertriebsmanagement

Making sales opportunities tangible

By Dastani Consulting

For sales, it is an explosive topic: the foresight of customer projects and sales volumes. It is not uncommon to plan too optimistically or for customers to develop differently than previously thought. Read the following article to find out how sales forecasting can be optimally successful. Read More

See what's next | Mit Big Data Analytics zum Erfolg

See what’s next – Big Data Analytics

By Dastani Consulting

Increasing digitalization is changing the B2B business dramatically. The importance of online channels is growing and B2B buyers are digital natives. The classic business intelligence structures are overwhelmed by the analysis of large amounts of data. Big Data Analytics is the strongest trend in B2B and has gained in relevance as a pillar of digital transformation.  Read More

Big Data statt Bauchgefühl | Wie Online-Händler davon profitieren

Big data instead of gut feeling

By Dastani Consulting

Everybody knows it: If you want to buy a certain product online and compare the price over several days, yesterday’s price is no longer the same. This dynamic pricing technology is increasingly being used by e-commerce providers because it can significantly improve a retailer’s business. Read More

Artificial Intelligence | Black Box

Artificial Intelligence: Leads from the black box

By Dastani Consulting

Artificial Intelligence: Leads from the black box

The MASCHINENBAUFORUM Marketing & Vertrieb (Machine Engineering Forum/Marketing & Sales) is a major event in industry representatives’ calendars. Every year in March, Managing Director Edeltraut Horbach invites handpicked experts to the CongressCentrum Pforzheim to provide a large group of visitors with exclusive insights into the current developments. This year’s speakers included Dr. Ing. Parsis Dastani, Managing Director of Dastani Consulting. After the forum, he had the opportunity to talk with Edeltraut Horbach. Read More

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