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Using Big Data efficiently with the right tools

By 17. März 2020Dastani Consulting
Mit den richtigen Tools Big Data effizient nutzen

Today’s customers don’t want to spend hours searching for the right product – instead they want the product to find them. The customer’s expectation is that companies already know their wishes and needs and that they can address them personally on all channels. The always-on mentality of the digital age requires that information must be available at all times. This is the only way to achieve a coordinated perfect customer journey by means of seamless customer experiences.

Challenge: Big Data
But how does an anonymous user become a qualified lead? The answer is Big Data and even more important is the correct way to deal with it. But that’s easier said than done, because on average, every person today produces around 1.5 gigabytes of data every day in 2020. Worldwide, about 2.5 trillion bytes of data are generated every day. Finding the right way through Big Data to have a complete view of every potential buyer is therefore a major challenge for every single company. To do this, information must be prioritized to understand the history behind it so that the data can be used specifically for decision-making. But most companies are currently scratching the surface of what is possible with emerging technologies and the vast amounts of data.

Challenge: Measuring success
Multi-channel communications in real time, measures for customer loyalty or personalized offer generation? All these methods cost a lot of money and no CFO will be satisfied with increasing expenses without expecting a concrete return on investment (ROI). Therefore, measuring marketing success to prove the positive impact on the company is another challenge.

Creation of complete customer profiles
But how can the marketing department deal with these challenges? Hiring more staff would be conceivable, but it will not lead to the desired success, because the evaluation and analysis of the countless amounts of information goes far beyond what is humanly possible. Therefore, companies must rely on software-based methods that create complete customer profiles based on their behavior. This starts with the receipt of a lead (for example an email address) and is enriched with information such as every click on a website or social media interactions. Over a period of time, customer profiles can reach an enormously high level of maturity.

Advantages of data-based solutions
The digital transformation affects all business processes and is mainly used in the marketing department to turn anonymous contacts into leads and to pick up and accompany the interested party for the perfect customer journey. Data-based solutions that not only contact the potential B2B customer within the sales funnel and send the right mail at the right time, but also make marketing measures measurable with suitable analysis tools for the management, serve this purpose. Another advantage is that the marketing and sales departments have the same information and can work together perfectly, so that internal workflows can be optimized.

Predictive Analytics: Data-driven knowing what’s coming
Dastani Consulting has a wide range of predictive analytics solutions. With the versatile predictions and insights that data-driven solutions deliver, you have the opportunity to sustainably increase your company’s profits in a very short time and create a significant competitive advantage in the globalized economy. We are happy to help you implement an individually tailored optimal solution for your company.

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