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KI-basierte Bewertung von Leads

More turnover through focus

By Dastani Consulting

One often hears from owners and managing directors of renowned companies that one is lucky if incoming inquiries are properly answered. This is because the sales department has little or no capacity to handle inquiries properly. For this reason, an AI-based solution for the evaluation of leads is recommended. Read More

Vertrieb im Jahr 2020 | Unterstützung durch KI

Distribution in 2020

By Dastani Consulting

The year 2020 is about to start: artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, customer journey, customer experience, … – all these buzzwords indicate that sales have long been influenced by this and are in a phase of change. Read More

See what's next | Mit Big Data Analytics zum Erfolg

See what’s next – Big Data Analytics

By Dastani Consulting

Increasing digitalization is changing the B2B business dramatically. The importance of online channels is growing and B2B buyers are digital natives. The classic business intelligence structures are overwhelmed by the analysis of large amounts of data. Big Data Analytics is the strongest trend in B2B and has gained in relevance as a pillar of digital transformation.  Read More

Customer Value | Künstliche Intelligenz

Customer Value: AI (Artificial Intelligence) breathes life into CRM data

By Dastani Consulting

Customer Value: AI (Artificial Intelligence) breathes life into CRM data

Many companies apply CRM systems but use the existing data inadequately in identifying and exploiting turnover potentials. But algorithms driven by AI (Artificial Intelligence) enable the prediction of individual purchasing behaviours, so that data that is lying dormant in a company’s CRM system can be turned into a valuable information source. Read More

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