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Distribution in 2020

By 9. Januar 2020Dastani Consulting
Vertrieb im Jahr 2020 | Unterstützung durch KI

The year 2020 is about to start: artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, customer journey, customer experience, … – all these buzzwords indicate that sales have long been influenced by this and are in a phase of change.

Increasing AI technologies in the course of digitalisation ensure that the respective needs of a customer are recognised on the basis of generated data. For this reason, for many companies, clear support from AI with reorganized sales teams is at the top of the agenda for 2020 in order to assert themselves in the market against tough competition.

Lead generation through chatbots
Especially when it comes to lead generation, the AI is assigned an even more important role than last year. The use of chat offers helps in addressing customers and filtering interests.

Chatbots are responsible for managing customer communication, analysing comparable lead conversations and preparing offers for potential customers. They serve as a cost-saving alternative. For further processing and qualified customer contact, however, it is still impossible to imagine life without the personal sales representative.

Netflix principle in B2B sales
Since companies have a very large amount of data and gain more information about their potential customers every second, it is important to use this data successfully. This is the only way to achieve a competitive advantage over other companies. By using the AI and self-learning algorithms, the user behavior of customers on the web can be permanently analyzed.

The „Netflix principle“ can therefore also be applied to sales work in B2B. Intelligent systems provide sales staff with information for potential new customers based on past successful customer orders. Furthermore, they recognize patterns and derive optimal recommendations for action.

Target Group Prediction and Next Best Offer
Use the Target Group Prediction developed by Dastani Consulting intelligently to acquire potential new customers. You can increase your lead rates by up to 50% in the B2B market.

Accordingly, with the development of the Next Best Offer you can also offer your customers optimal products by recognizing customer needs and preparing the offers individually. In this way you can increase the probability of closing a deal and strengthen your own position in the market.

The optimal customer experience
Designing the best possible customer journey is the be-all and end-all for the customer to guarantee a successful buying experience. Customer Experience Management therefore serves as the long-term key to success in e-commerce.

Customers demand a strong sales department on the one hand, but also digital channels on the other. Especially at the initial purchase, customers place a lot of trust in the sales staff, for example when it comes to the appropriate advice.

Conclusion: Interaction of artificial and human intelligence
KI improves customer relations and relieves the burden on sales staff. However, the optimal customer experience in 2020 will not be achieved through the exclusive use of AI, but through the interaction of artificial and human intelligence.

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